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the emotional response

This is part II of the Zen Duder article “blah in a general way”, where we discussed the intent of music as being to generate an emotional response in the listener. Here in part II, we will discuss elements in … Continue reading

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blah in a general way

What is the purpose of music? Have you ever thought about that? Players and songwriters know they have fun playing and making music, most people know they like to listen to music in one form or another, they know they … Continue reading

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Going to the Mid-Side

By the Zen Duder Mid-Side recording was devised by EMI engineer Alan Blumlein. He patented the technique in 1933. It has remained somewhat less popular than the standard X/Y or ORTF stereo techniques, and yet offers significant advantages. It is … Continue reading

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A procedural guide for remote studio operations

A procedural guide for remote studio operations By the Zen Duder In this guide, we are attempting to solidify a process for working on a project remotely. These days, technology affords us the ability to work together on projects at … Continue reading

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